Test Images and Videos


Images are stored in both portable graymap format (PGM) / portable pixmap file format (PPM) and tagged image file format (TIFF) on this server. To read and write TIFF images in Matlab , you can use imread and imwrite . To convert the images to other formats, you can use the ‘XV’ or ‘GIMP’ programs, which support PGM, PPM, TIFF, and many others .

Image PGM File TIF File Image Size (HxWxD)
Aral1997.ppm Aral1997.tif 324x450x3
lena.pgm lena.tif 512x512x1
billsface.pgm billsface.tif 240x309x1
cman.pgm cman.tif 256x256x1
einstein.pgm einstein.tif 256x256x1
mri.pgm mri.tif 256x256x1
smandril.pgm smandril.tif 256x256x1
elaine.pgm elaine.tif 512x512x1
man.pgm man.tif 512x512x1

Kodak Images:

Images are stored in bitmap format (BMP) .

Image BMP File Image Size (HxWxD)
k01.bmp 3072x2048x3
k02.bmp 3072x2048x3
k03.bmp 3072x2048x3
k04.bmp 3072x2048x3
k05.bmp 3072x2048x3
k06.bmp 3072x2048x3
k07.bmp 3072x2048x3
k08.bmp 3072x2048x3
k09.bmp 3072x2048x3
k10.bmp 3072x2048x3
k11.bmp 3072x2048x3
k12.bmp 3072x2048x3
k13.bmp 3072x2048x3
k14.bmp 3072x2048x3
k15.bmp 3072x2048x3
k16.bmp 3072x2048x3
k17.bmp 3072x2048x3
k18.bmp 3072x2048x3
k19.bmp 3072x2048x3
k20.bmp 3072x2048x3
k21.bmp 3072x2048x3
k22.bmp 3072x2048x3
k23.bmp 3072x2048x3
k24.bmp 3072x2048x3


Video sequences are stored in raw format, YUV concatenated with UV components sub-sampled.

First Frame gzip compressed File Format # frames
carphone.qcif.gz QCIF 382
claire.qcif.gz QCIF 494
foreman.qcif.gz QCIF 400
grandma.qcif.gz QCIF 870
miss_am.qcif.gz QCIF 150
mthr_dotr.qcif.gz QCIF 961
salesman.qcif.gz QCIF 449
suzie.qcif.gz QCIF 150
trevor.qcif.gz QCIF 150
Driving.yuv.gz DVD (720 x 480) 450
Opening_Ceremony.yuv.gz DVD (720 x 480) 450
Whale_Show.yuv.gz DVD (720 x 480) 450
Green_Leaves.yuv.gz DVD (720 x 480) 450