Tibor Balogh

Founder and CEO of Holografika

May 30, 2013 4:15 pm

Location: Packard 202

Talk Title: Light Field Display Architectures

Talk Abstract: Holografika multi-projector display systems provide high quality hologram-like horizontal-parallax automultiscopic viewing for multiple observers without the need for tracking or restrictive viewing positions. They range in size from TV-box-set to wall-filling life size. Unlike other glasses-free 3D displays offering few perspectives, HoloVizio presents a near-continuous view of the 3D light field free of inversions, discontinuities, repeated views, or their accompanying discomfort – and all this with a near 180 degree region of viewing. The presentation will highlight design considerations and performance issues, and cover aspects for interactive use.

The latest Holografika display– the HoloVizio 80WLT with a 30" diagonal – will be on site and available for viewing. A 2D video showing this 3D system is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oX-aOJMX34. Specifications can be seen at http://www.holografika.com/Products/Coming-HoloVizio-80WLT.html.

More Information: http://www.holografika.com/

Speaker's Biography: Tibor Balogh is the Founder and CEO of Holografika, the world’s eading company for light field display. He is a graduate of the Budapest Technical University, and has expertise in the fields of holography, lasers, electro-optical technologies and engineering. Tibor began his career in software engineering, then moved to an academic position at the Eötvös Loránd Scientific University - Budapest. In 1989, he founded Holografika, focusing on developing a proprietary true 3D visualization technology, coming to market with the first HoloVizio system in 2004. Tibor’s work has led to his being awarded the Joseph Petzval medal, the Kalmár award, and the Dennis Gabor Prize. He was a World Technology Award finalist in 2006. Tibor holds numerous patents for 3D display, has authored a large number of publications presenting aspects of his display work and, as CEO of Holografika, coordinates and manages several EU R&D projectors elated to 3D visualization.

Video Files: https://talks.stanford.edu/scien-colloquium-series/