The Matlab Implementation of PSF, MTF, and LSF

Designed for Psychology221

Programmed by Eric Schmitt


In 1991, J.K. Ijspeert et. al. proposed a mathematically simple formula that, in its 3 related forms, accurately modeled the behavior of the pointspread function (PSF), the linespread function (LSF), and the modulation transfer function(MTF).

Though mathematically simple, these new functions rely on a myriad of constants and prefactors. By designing components using these prefactors Ijespeert was able to elegantly model them while also taking into consideration parameters such as eye pigmentation, age, and pupil size.

However, the constants and prefactors on which the new functions are built upon are very cumbersome and complex. Calculating MTFs, PSfs, and LSFs would take ages without software implementation of Ijspeert's ideas. This project takes the next logical step in the process. It is a full, fully decomposed MATLAB implementation of all equations in the IJspeert paper, allowing easy calculation of the MTF, PSF, and LSF while allowing for optional variables for pupil diameter, age, and pigmentation,

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