The workshop will include talks, panel discussions and demos that highlight:

  • Sensing: New imaging systems and modalities for pathology, optical biopsy, and surgical navigation 
  • Learning: Methods for storing, organizing, sharing and analyzing data using deep learning 
  • Visualization: VR/AR for surgical planning, training and navigation.



Demos Exhibit Space sponsored by Stryker

StrykerAugmented reality is finally here. Our TGS Navigation System offers standard-of-care EM technology combined with groundbreaking Scopis augmented reality to guide endoscopic instruments on pathways directly to the targets.
LeicaMicrosystemsThe Arveo ... captures, optimizes and combines different sources of information for a fully synchronized, real-time augmented view of the surgical field.
IntuitiveThe da Vinci Surgical System immersive console presents a high definition stereoscopic view of an endoscopic video stream and allows input of a variety of augmented views in a picture-in-picture type display; and fluorescence imaging in the near-infrared region provides a mixed reality environment that helps to augment the surgeon’s senses.
PrintRAPID expands the treatment window for neurovascular conditions by creating easy-to-read, real-time CT and MRI views of brain perfusion.
OpenSight Logo Red and BlackThe Novarad® Opensight® augmented reality system enables clinicians to interactively create 2D, 3D, and even 4D images of patient anatomy, accurately overlaying them directly onto the patient’s body in order to enable accurate registration for surgical planning. 
SiraMedicalAt Sira Medical, we empower surgeons, trainees, and patients by creating patient-specific, high fidelity 3D Augmented Reality models for interactive surgical planning, training, and patient education.
IMMERSIn a collaboration between the Incubator for Medical Mixed and Extended Reality at Stanford (IMMERS) and the Psychiatry department we are developing a mixed reality TMS neuronavigation setup that allows to clinician to target brain areas of interest in a single immersive environment. supports our mission to provide an accessible mobile/web interface for anyone to interact with our lab's AI projects in medical imaging.
zebraLogoZebra Medical is empowering radiologists with its revolutionary AI1 offering which helps health providers manage the ever increasing workload without compromising quality.
Flywheel_Logo_BlueFlywheel is a biomedical research informatics platform, leveraging the power of cloud-scale computing to address the increasing complexity of modern computational science and machine learning.
NVIDIA_Logo_V_ForScreen_ForLightBGUsing NVIDIA’s Clara AI toolkit, research scientists, radiologists & developers can build, adapt and deploy AI for Medical Imaging workflows.
IC Logo Color_3000_with_text.FINALpngThe Interactive Commons at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic have been developing a suite of tools to teach human anatomy based on Mixed Reality.
syGlass syGlass is a software stack designed specifically for the visualization, exploration, and annotation of very large image volumes in virtual reality.
TriPointLabTriPointLab offers mobile, AR and VR solutions for delivering customized, just-in-time anatomy content to their students at the point of learning.
AnatomageLogoSmallFrom high schools for anatomy instruction to medical schools and simulation centers as a radiology case review and surgical planning tool, the Anatomage Table offers innovative solutions for visualizing real human anatomy.
AltoidaAltoida’s augmented reality iOS assisted test assesses spatial memory, prospective memory, executive function, and psychomotor processing speed.