Affiliate Members

Stanford’s Center for Image System Engineering (SCIEN) affiliates benefit from a close connection to Stanford’s many activities in imaging research and engineering. Our corporate affiliates receive:

  • Invitations to attend all SCIEN lectures, and other SCIEN-sponsored seminars and targeted workshops. SCIEN events provide a forum in which members can learn about advances in research and engineering, discuss new technology and marketing trends, and form industry standards. Recent SCIEN events have included workshops on Medical VR and AR (2018),  Augmented and Mixed Reality(2017), Cinematic VR and Immersive Storytelling (2016) Light Field Imaging (2015)Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age (2014, 2013), Biomedical Imaging (2012), 3D Imaging (2011) , Mobile Visual Search (2009), High Dynamic Range Imaging (2009) and Camera Phone Image Quality (2006). 
  • Facilitated access to HD video recordings of all SCIEN events for all employees including seminarsworkshops, and selected courses in imaging — extending the benefits of SCIEN to your researchers around the world.
  •  Engagement with Stanford graduates through posting job openings, viewing student resumes, and scheduling on-campus interviews.
  •  Optional opportunity to place a Researcher-in-Residence at the Center. This is a great way to plug a key research employee into some of the state-of-the-art research projects in their area of interest.
  •  Optional opportunity to be involved with Stanford’s ongoing imaging research by providing a Mentor to work with a member of Stanford’s faculty — who will act as an Advisor — and their students on a specific research project.
  • Affiliate Membership is available with an annual contribution of $14,000 to SCIEN.

Stanford University Policies affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Memberships

 SCIEN Affiliate Members