Affiliate Members

Stanford’s Center for Image System Engineering (SCIEN) affiliates benefit from a close connection to Stanford’s many activities in imaging research and engineering. Our corporate affiliates receive: 

Facilitated access to HD video recordings of all SCIEN events for all employees including seminarsworkshops, and selected courses in imaging — extending the benefits of SCIEN to your researchers around the world.

Engagement with Stanford graduates through posting job openings, viewing student resumes, and scheduling on-campus interviews.

Optional opportunity to place a Researcher-in-Residence at the Center. This is a great way to plug a key research employee into some of the state-of-the-art research projects in their area of interest.

Optional opportunity to be involved with Stanford’s ongoing imaging research by providing a Mentor to work with a member of Stanford’s faculty — who will act as an Advisor — and their students on a specific research project.

Affiliate Membership is available with an annual contribution of $15,000 to SCIEN.

Stanford University Policies affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Members

 SCIEN Affiliate Members