Workshop on Cinematic VR and Immersive Storytelling: Interactive Demo Session

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Introducing Pearl, Google Spotlight Stories latest 360° interactive story produced for both mobile and VR. 
Set inside their home, a beloved hatchback, Pearl follows a girl and her dad as they crisscross the country chasing their dreams. It’s a story about the gifts we hand down and their power to carry love. And finding grace in the unlikeliest of places. Directed by Academy Award-winning director Patrick Osborne and available at and the Google Spotlight

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"In The Presence of Animals" - Feel the presence of massive bison on the move from inside the herd, forage alongside a Grizzly, lift off amid a million-winged flutter of Monarchs. Experience a dangerous world with some of the planets most at-risk species, an endangered Jaguar, a rainforest sloth and a mother Olive Ridley turtle laying the next precious generation on a lonely beach.

"Factory Farm" - Go undercover with Animal Equality Investigator Jose Valle inside the dark world of factory farming. Follow him into a world that is rarely seen. Witness the industrial scale of pig farms and slaughterhouses. Once you enter, there is no going back.

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Vrse is a leading VR company, whose mission is to tell extraordinary stories in virtual reality. Led by Co-Founders Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin, Vrse uses custom-built tools and their own VR app to create and distribute the most innovative, story-driven experiences in VR today. Vrse's library includes experiences created in collaboration with the New York Times, the United Nations, Vice, Saturday Night Live, U2, Apple Music among others.

'Evolution of Verse'

A photo-realistic CGI-rendered 3D Virtual Reality film that takes the viewer on a journey from one beginning to a new beginning.

'Clouds Over Sidra'
The Zaatari Refugee Camp is home to 130,000 Syrians fleeing violence and war. Children make up half the camp’s population. This is the story of Sidra, a 12-year old girl who has spent the last 18 months in Zaatari.

'The Click Effect'
Follow two marine researchers as they freedive deep below the ocean’s surface on a single breath to capture the “click” communication of dolphins and sperm whales, the world’s largest predator. Presented by Annapurna Pictures and Vrse.

An immersive journey through an insane asylum in which the audience, bound to a wheelchair, undergoes a sensory-shocking horror experience.

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The North Face: Nepal
Join The North Face climber and filmmaker Renan Ozturk on his Spring 2015 adventure through Nepal.

Zoolander Infinity
Follow #1 male model Derek Zoolander around a ridiculously good looking virtual photoshoot, surrounded by beautiful runway models, dancers, and mirrors reflecting Derek's infinite beauty. 

Paul McCartney "Live and Let Die" 
Experience musical legend and visionary Sir Paul McCartney performing "Live and Let Die" at Candlestick Park.

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Experience real humans in VR 8i is a technology company on a mission to make VR human by enabling creators to bring real people into immersive experiences for virtual reality, augmented reality and the web. Its software transforms regular video from multiple cameras into volumetric video -- a photorealistic 3D hologram of a human that viewers can walk around -- enabling true presence and emotional connection with the person you're watching. As we move beyond the flat screen, volumetric video will become the ultimate medium for storytelling and human communication.
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InOn the Brink of Famine” takes you inside South Sudan in 360° to meet people battling a man-made hunger crisis. Experience the front lines of a famine in the making, in this VR documentary by FRONTLINE and The Brown Institute for Media Innovation.

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Introducing Facebook Surround 360: An open, high-quality 3D-360 video capture system

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"Henry" Meet Henry: the endearing star of Oculus Story Studio's second movie 

Oculus Dreamdeck transports you to impossible places and magical worlds

"Lost": Oculus Story Studio’s first virtual reality cinema experience

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Lucid VR will be demoing their VR consumer camera, LucidCam, and VR content captured with Lucidcam on their app, LucidApp. You can download their app before the event from their website

They leverage stereoscopy (3D imaging), a technique for enhancing the illusion of depth with binocular vision, to capture immersive images and videos. Viewing these images and videos through a virtual reality headset, like the Oculus Rift or your mobile phone with a Google Cardboard, completes the immersive experience. 

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OSVR is an open source software platform that facilitates the creation of an open ecosystem within the VR industry. Created to connect the industry to offer a wider install base for developers and give consumers more choice over the hardware they want to use – OSVR is now more than 350 companies strong (and continuing to grow), including companies like Intel, Nvidia, Ubisoft, Legendary Studios, Nodlabs, Leap Motion and Omni.

The OSVR designed headset - the Hacker Development Kit – is a balance of quality and system requirements, making VR accessible to developers, enthusiasts and gamers on a mid-tier gaming PC and upwards.”

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Live-captured Light Fields in the HTC Vive
Light field capture of a real world environment, producing photorealistic, navigable virtual reality experience

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VR live chat: a full system that includes 180-degree 3D video capture and low bandwidth streaming of high quality video. Users chat in an immersive environment.

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Cool Glass One: Smart glasses that take phone calls, record videos, take snapshots and navigate. Users control functions using voice commands and view information on a tiny display that hovers over the right eye. Cool Glass can be attached to any kind of eyewear and pushed back out of the way when not needed.

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Stanford University's Virtual Reality Community


Project Creator: Cody Karutz and Lauren Knapp/Stanford University 
Key Collaborator: Jeremy Bailenson 

A rocky reef off the coast of Italy demonstrates the future of climate change. Meet Dr. Fio Micheli, the marine scientist who studies this reef, and dive underwater with her to learn about ocean acidification and how human-produced carbon dioxide will turn all the world’s oceans into what scientists are calling “the ocean moonscape.”

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The Odyssey - The stereoscopic panoramic capture created to take your audience on incredible journeys. 

The Omni - The go-to GoPro for spherical content. Thanks to the Omni spherical rig, you get the most immersive experience possible. See more spherical videos on the GoPro YouTube channel, and on Facebook.

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From gaming to product design to cinematic experiences and beyond, NVIDIA delivers groundbreaking solutions for VR—including industry-leading GPUs, drivers, and SDKs—to meet the needs of professionals, gamers, and developers. Learn more at